The Forgotten Works: A Peek Into The Piety, Personality, Possession and Pleasure or Rev. Jacob Earnest Deewt.

Set in an oddly melancholic, beautiful and forlorn dream, the current installation produces more questions than it gives answers. Each assemblage sculpture and painting has a symbolic reference to the now crumbled Township of Deewt. The sculptures are created using antiques, religious iconography, and objects found in deserted areas throughout the mountain west. With rare exception, everything in the exhibition was salvaged, found or pirated. 

Listen to learn a new facet of the multimedia existence of the persona of Rev. Jacob Earnest Deewt, the fictional history of the Deewt family and the re-birth of the WYSPER philosophy. 

The artist Eric Brooks is performing as Rev. Deewt, over the next 16 months. Through monthly Church Services and events, the mystery of Deewt and WYSPER will slowly be revealed. 

The accumulation of experience will come to an explosive, multimedia, collaborative extravaganza. This community driven, interactive, immersive event will be presented in Reno, NV, summer 2022. The Apostolic Revelations of Rev. Jacob Earnest Deewt. The Forgotten Works: Aspirations, Parables, Predictions, and Promises from Eric Brooks to You.

The artist has lived in Reno and worked throughout northern Nevada for the past 8 years. In that time, the gentrification of Reno has been the forefront of community discussion on equality, houselessness, fair wage, and wealth distribution. These social issues, along with a deep dive into past life trauma, are a main source of inspiration.