We’ve got some super special episodes of Surf’s Up for you! Each episode is a little teaser for what’s in store at the Holland Project’s Halloween Cover Show this year! If you didn’t already know, Holland hosts a legendary Halloween Show each year where local bands dress up and perform as their favorite more famous bands. This year’s show is going down in a pumpkin patch at Ferrari Farms on Friday October 22nd from 6 to 10pm!

To get ready for the legendary show, DJ Desert Stray put together a special two part series of Surf’s Up! In episode one, you’ll get a sneak peek of the bands that will be covered at the Halloween show. In episode two, you’ll hear original songs from the local bands that will be performing under the guise of their more famous counterparts. However, DJ Desert Stray won’t reveal who is who. Can you guess which of your favorite locals will be performing as the famous bands featured in episode 1?

Listen to each episode below to find out!