Station Policy

It is of utmost importance to KWNK that our station reflects respect, safety, accessibility, tolerance, and openness. Because we want to be a place that upholds these beliefs and values, we have ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for the following behavior and actions. First offense equals immediate 6 month expulsion, no questions asked. Second offense equals permanent expulsion from the station and all station activities and events city-wide.

KWNK 97.7FM does not tolerate:

-Alcohol in or around venue
-Drugs in or around venue
-Weapons of any sort
-Fighting or violence in or around venue
-Vandalism, damage or destruction to venue or neighboring businesses
-Hate speech, including any discriminatory, harmful, derogatory remarks, statements, or actions against any person or groups of people.
-Disrespect, willful disregard, or aggression towards staff, bands, and volunteers that are working to uphold policy and safety/legal compliance

If any of the above listed are engaged in by someone in any capacity, proper enforcement will follow immediately (either 6 month or permanent expulsion).

Basically, be cool, be respectful, and we’re all okay.