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We have officially met 500 member goal! The 500 member mark is important because it is the number of supportors we need to sustain the station AND the number that will enable KWNK to move from 12 hours of on-air programming to 24 hours. That’s right, AROUND THE CLOCK KWNK! We are so so close. If you’re already a member, we thank you so much for doing your part. If you’re not a member, now’s the time to join!

🔊 Step into a universe where the spirit of electronic music is revitalized and beats are sculpted live with @astropalacemusic on an all new Arps on The Air, 9pm on KWNK 97.7FM 💫

Live in the moment as Astro Palace, your maestro and guide, takes listeners on a journey through an aural oasis of pulsating rhythmic beats, evolving warm textures, iconic 808s, and plenty of hypnotic arpeggios. With a nod to the gear, sounds, and styles that helped shape the early rave scenes, Astro Palace uses the foundational sounds of yesteryear with the innovative spirit of tomorrow to bring Reno the raw essence of electronic music.

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Trishtin is live at 7pm playing hidden gems she has discovered on SoundCloud 💎 Groovy mashups in hip hop, soul, funk, and more! Tune in for episode 2 of SoundCloud Sounds at 7pm on 97.7FM 📡 ...

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Catch @superswagcamille on 97.7FM every Saturday night from 9-10pm for the Electric Chemist! 💫 ...

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Phonolinguists with Tynaciuos T 📡 12:30pm or 7pm today on 97.7FM 📚Indigenius: Recognizing the exceptional intellectual, creative power and natural ability of the indigenous people
through, love, creation, connection, and strength.

Excerpts featured in this episode; The Indigenous Paleolithic of the Western Hemisphere by Paulette F. C. Steeves, Nuclear Nuevo México: Colonialism and the Effects of the Nuclear Industrial Complex on Nuevomexicanos
Book by Myrriah Gómez, and Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants
Book by Monique Gray Smith.

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Howdy y’all! 🎥🌟 All new euphonic•cacophony airs today at 4pm 🎬 This weeks theme is about being the main character in your own film! 🍿Tune in on 97.7FM in Reno, NV or stream live on 🌎There will be an encore airing of the show on November 21st at 11am! 🎶💫 And a huge shoutout to our community for tuning in and supporting us 📻❤️ ...

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Community Radio Isn’t Free

Your donation will help us purchase

FM transmitter ($3500)
Antenna ($2000)
Broadcast Interface ($3500)
Tower Space ($4800)
Music Licensing ($1000)

Plus our studio space and operating costs over the next fiscal year.