LISTEN: greggy on the moon – op1 vignettes

Sep 16, 2019 | Local

Listen back to an exclusive radio show from Redfield Clipper highlighting the experimental new solo album from local musician Greg Lewis, greggy on the moon – OP-1 Vignettes Vol. 1.  Amazing artwork by Bijou Bell. 

Learn more about the greggory on the moon

‘greggy on the moon – op1 vignettes’ is a collection of short electronic pieces made through the use of the OP-1 synthesizer and a drum set. The device is so small and portable that one could create electronic music nearly anywhere at anytime. Many of these pieces were composed while I was traveling on planes and trains to new places. The OP-1 offers many unique features that I used to make this music including the FM radio to drum sampler, endless sequencer, tombola and tape mode. If you have any questions regarding how I used the OP-1 to manipulate a certain moment or sound on the album, please feel free to reach out!