On this episode of Soft Power Radio, we are in conversation with Alicia Barber, local author and historian, about the city of Reno in this moment of change. Pretty much everywhere you look buildings are either going up or coming down – how can we, as residents, understand and engage with this process, the consequences of which we will have to live with for years to come? Since early 2021, Barber has put out an online newsletter – check it out at www.thebarberbrief.substack.com – where she considers and analyzes the fine print of projects such as the Neon Line District, which may well fundamentally change the face of downtown. Barber aims to bring us all into the conversation by decoding the jargon and encouraging active participation in these significant local decisions; she insists that we do have a say and that it is up to us to get interested and informed. What kind of city do we want to live in?