Show ArtShow NameDescription is a collection of psychedelic rock and indie music spanning from the 1960s to modern-day music from well-known influences to modern-day tunes. you look into a Bodega (corner store) in New York you have a variety of different cultures snacks and of course local favorites like the bagel sandwiches. In Herbert's shop at Bodega.Wav you’ll experience current hits, forgotten gems, and future beats. Sana RadioOhMedicine for the Mind & Spirit BETTERErinNever Better is a talk about music and then listen to it kind of show. Each week there's a new guest who curates a list of music that they like, are inspired by, have strong memories associated with, or is otherwise important to them. We talk about these songs,the significance of playlists, and music in general. It's hosted by Erin Miller and it goes on the radio every other Wednesday. GoodChris SextonFeel Good is a show unlike any other, swaying KWNK listeners gently from side to side. Host Chris Sexton digs into an array of music that hypnotizes his audience into a deep state of relaxation. Sexton takes you by the hand and spins you around into an irresistible dance with his charming knowledge of music. Every step of the way, Sexton teaches you new and intriguing facts about obscure and familiar music. After each episode, listeners walk away feeling inspired and delighted to have been a part of an unforgettable listening experience. Sexton’s carefully curated music leaves audience members ready for another Saturday evening of positive vibes. After listening to Sexton’s show, one cannot help but feel incredibly good. Moonlite DiscoDJ StarbarThe Moonlit Disco w/ DJ Starbar is an hourlong party of a radio show featuring the danceable, the dark, the otherworldly, and the charming. It’s a disco by light of the moon, and everyone’s invited. Background RadiationKy GardenerExploring the outermost reaches of the musical cosmos. From The AnglosphereValDon’t you just get sick of the English language? Join Val on an all new show called Escape From the Anglosphere to break out of your comfort zone, and vibe to some tunes you won’t hear anywhere else. CircuitSophia ShortzWhen one of an experimental range of musical robots is hit by lightning, it is given consciousness. It escapes from the studio and befriends a young woman, Sophia Shortz. Together, they must bring the city the best of rock n roll or the robot will be destroyed. Rhythm SectionDJ Elzoámonos de ViajeDaisyAn airplane ticket to a new undiscovered land of Spanish alternative music. Forget the language barrier and vibe with me to some new tunes. VoidDJ Crescent MoonFrom underground rap, to jazz lurking in the trees, to country-pop guaranteed to make you want to saddle up. Radio HourSharon HickoxReno nonprofit, Note-Able Music Therapy Services (NMTS), an organization offering music therapy, adaptive music programs, and performance opportunities for people of all abilities, is partnering with radio station KWNK Reno Community Radio (97.7 FM) to launch the Bluebird Radio Hour to connect senior citizens and combat isolation during the continuing safety concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each Monday at 10 a.m. the Bluebird Radio Hour will feature music, Nevada history and resources for wellness, hosted by NMTS music therapist Sharon Hickox., Dos, TresAnaLa música punk en Español ~ Spanish-language punk, alt, underground music. & BloomingDahliaBlack & Blooming is a radio talk show where Dahlia talks about different social issues affecting minority college students, and gives a few tips for navigating college along the way. Card MarriageAlina & DylanA show blending the songs and perspectives of the East and the West. Dispelling stereotypes of this confused world. LayoffMusic for dancing in the dark.'s Up: Guest EditionFriends of the Holland ProjectWhile we’re on a little gathering hiatus with the rest of the world, the Holland Project has asked some friends from near and far to curate special Surf’s Up playlists for us. & TylerWe play a variety of indie music spanning several sub-genres to kick back with and soothe your soul every week. Coast WorkforceDJ Left CoastDeep rooted in the HeadNod lyricists Sound. Lots of influence of Jazzy Hip Hop with that Bay Area flare. Some nights there is also a Down Tempo Bay Area House Music Vibe that let’s you move in that fluid peaceful lovely way... that only House Music could. ManœuvresAnthonyA melodious, muddled mix of music ranging from ever-evolving generative sonatas, live electro-acoustic performances, and minimalist process pieces to avant-pop ballads. Equally suited as either aubade or nocturne. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly. Always full of peaks and valleys. BasketPorkbelly PrincessModern dance mixes to get-ready to: today's underground hits mixed with some throwbacks. SoothersCourtneySit back & unwind with some hand-picked tunes to soothe your mood (& wallow once in a while). dance mixes curated by Ruby. Brothers & JamsSway & OhNo sugar coating, 100% all natural, real raw flavor. Field of PansiesAnaA showcases a biweekly mix of punk, post-punk, new wave, disco, electronic, experimental, and other mixed genre music from all eras with a focus on the work of LGBT+ musicians. Plague DispatchDJ OrlokDaywalker and Delivery Ghoul Dr Orlok cobbles together this weekly broadcast from the detritus of our post-apocalyptic world. Featuring an eclectic mix of new wave, goth, synthwave, and anything dark and danceable. FMLaineyFiction FM features playlists for and inspired by fictional characters from books, TV, movies and video games, and includes readings from & descriptions of scenes from those stories. CastDJ AndrewHome Cast with DJ Andrew sends the dance party to you with a dive into music he plays at home - deep cuts, killer gems, soul favorites, new releases and more. NoteClassic BillBlue Note is a show about the "harder" side of jazz, focusing mainly on bebop, it's derivatives, and the future of the genre... playing a little bit of old, a little of new, and sometimes the obscure. The BatsSophie Mia & JakeA worship of new wave, death rock, and everything dark under the sun! Lined NutmegBenjaminRootin' tootin' lobster boatin' nutmeg toppin', and unaware of the desert. Silver Lined Nutmeg explores what happens when a coastal gets sunburned at his gf's grandparents's gated stucco community and finds himself with a desire to dig deeper into the strange world of experimental and strange song from wherever minds are blown. Room for SquaresDanielJazz: from swing, big band and hard bop to fusion, free jazz and the avant-garde, this is an ever-changing, fascinating genre that has pushed the boundaries of musical possibilities for over a century. This show is a celebration of pure musical exploration that is unafraid to explore the exciting, the challenging and - sometimes - the downright weird. Truman ShowNaomiEver have one of those movie moments, where it feels like you're the protagonist of your very own film? Named after the 1998 movie, The Truman Show aims to give its listeners the perfect soundtrack for every occasion. Centered around a different troupe every other week, this radio show offers diverse tunes that fit brilliantly into every onscreen (and offscreen) juncture. Punk/Least PunkBrennanA Punk Rock show Sea MonkeyJKCheap laughs, less talk, and providing a variety of music from the fragmented mind of AlienSeaMonkey. & AmpersandAlfred HitchbleepConnections. Following themes in music. Following members in bands. Following the thoughts and feelings that a sound may conjure. He is your Curator stringing these types of connections through a foray of musical bliss. Like what the infamous Alfred Hitchcock did for storytelling on screen, Alfred Hitchbleep will curate the bleep out of musical storytelling. It may just turnout to be a Bleeping Bleepfest... PedalTroyThe Reverb Pedal explores post-rock, shoegaze and dreamcore, genres that do not always provide the listener with a clearly guided narrative, leaving the audience to interpret the emotional suggestions through evolving landscapes of sound. You will experience a wash of guitars, expansive rock song structures and music heavily soaked in otherness. For fans of My Bloody Valentine, Russian Circles, Cocteau Twins, Explosions in the Sky and many more... Rain That CameSteve ElegantA compilation of lush aural landscapes, poetic lyricisms, and a depth of emotional range that is rarely found in music. DiscoDJ DiskotekaFormerly Peach Radio. DJ Diskoteka plays her favorite songs for you on Evening Disco. ClipperProgressive and/or historically and fundamentally novel music presented alongside thematic millennial content. Prince Nesta ExperiencePrince NestaThe Prince Nesta Experience is all about the freedom, love, peace, culture and justice that comes from listening to reggae music, according to Nesta. He said, “When I realized that such important music wasn’t being featured on most Reno radio stations, I took it upon myself to do the magic.” Nesta, who moved to the states from Kenya a year ago, said he’s hosted different reggae shows for about six years prior to joining KWNK. He said he gets some of the albums he plays on the show straight from reggae artists who he’s interviewed and worked with in his radio career. the Rabbit HoleDanimalA decade in a cubicle, searching for a way out. Hear gems discovered in alleyway bars in Japan & Thailand, and go down the rabbit hole with Danimal. TalesNoahAn hour of ABBERANT and FOUL heavily metal, death metal, thrash metal, etc. Soul MusicDJ Jeremy CurlAn exploration of chill and funky electronic music JammiesJayFinely curated music for backgrounds; tunes for driving long stretches and looking at clouds, but preferably not both. At least, not at the same time. People's MicGriffinThe People's Mic is a free information gathering and dissemination program. Featuring experts from our community, The People's Mic attempts to share insights into the technical and academic knowledge that influences the world around us. Sewing CircleAnaThe Sewing Circle is a biweekly show exhibiting music that's perfect to play in the background while listeners have busy hands, especially for working on creative projects! CountryElijah"It's not a midlife crisis, it's a midlife style."™ LexorcistAlexeyA mix of freaky funky with a splash of gangsta and a touch of soul TearsDenaliA weekly set of punk stuff / goth stuff / noise stuff / emo stuff / and a ton of early 90's bangers. StrideHollyA monthly radio show that combines music and running into an hour of tunes that are sure to stoke all listeners - runners or not! RoseAudiostrology gives you an update on astrological happenings and a set of great songs themed around the season each episode occurs in (Aries season or Pisces season for example). TimeSlipDavidA monthly program bringing you a radio soundscape from a randomly selected year. You'll hear everything from radio dramas, vintage advertisements, and news excerpts to chart-topping hits of the past. WormsJA show that provides you with songs that will get stuck in your head!JustinMuch like a hotdish, this radio show has four main ingredients: Indie, hip-hop, pop/punk, and a unique "special" ingredient every show. EscapeClaireAn attempted escape from branded, algorithmic music delivery. StationDJRelaxation Station is the show to keep you calm, and make you jam out. From Passion Pit to Tears For Fears, there is always something for everyone. Welcome aboard the Relaxation Station. Grab a coffee and relax for a while, because it's going to be a fun ride. Views RadioMC GriffinThis show is a collaborative effort by the Spoken Views Poetry Collective, working to broadcast local poets and keep the community up to date with what's excellent in spoken word internationally. in the SandOliverEclectic and always entertaining: Head in the Sand invites listeners to continue on their own paths of musical discovery by introducing them to music they’ve never heard, while reminding them of all the great stuff they have heard but might not have listened to in decades. People Rise: Savage HourDJ XochitlThe Indigenous People Rise Radio Show brings local and international issues to the ears of the people in Reno, Nevada. In this show you will hear about local and international issues affecting indigenous people and ways you can help. We will be hosting various indigenous people for interviews and play a variety of indigenous artists.
Cherry PitDJ JewelsCherry Pit takes you into the meat of it all, the ripe, juicy, guts. Every month is curated to a different theme that embodies the ripe taste of something red, bloody, snacky, or fun. RadioManifest MezFire hip hop and conscience cult rap music Common Thread-Connecting the Music and People SoulJulieSoulful sounds of funk, punk, reggae, disco, hip hop, jazz, blues and R&B. Power RadioIlyaSoft Power Radio is an interview show focused primarily on local artists, musicians and community events. source for experimental music from around the world. for Friends and FoesElijahA roundup of traditional music from America and beyond, showcasing the amazing diversity and complexity of the American sound. TTake a journey through books and music, words and sounds, thoughts and movements, and discover how they add color, depth, and texture to our lives with Phonolinguists. SpellsDJ Studded Leather GauntletHeavy metal power hour focusing on different aspects of metal history and culture each month. Carefully selected tracks to crush skulls and educate the masses on the diversity, creativity, and pure artistic uniqueness in the metal world. CowboyDJ CL0UD DANC3RCC features cyberpunk and sparkly gabber techno pop and punk electronica and crystalline pop.×512-e1575407934352.pngMOODEnidA select set of sounds compiled to mimic our ever fleeting state of mind. Each episode is themed around an emotional state expressed by domestic and international sounds across a multiplex of indie genres. New Under the SunJoe GormanNothing New Under the Sun plays the dusty, forgotten, or just funky tracks of 20th century American music. Jazz with ChazCharles "Chaz" GiffordExperience all that Jazz has to offer via the unique “jazzview” of Charles “Chaz” Gifford aka the Chazman. BalognaDevonA bucolic frolic ’round a spectrum of psychedelic, fuzzed-out, stoney, garage-y, spacey, jangly, shoegazey, and/or otherwise colorful, cortex-ticklin’ tewnage… plus Cat Poems. Special treatment for bands playing Reno. 🤘😻🤘 BushCarolineThis show is a collision of surf rock and indie vibes. The DJ frequently invites guests onto her platform which can switch up the normal sounds in the most special of ways. The listener should expect a different set of characters for each new show. the commentary brought to you by Caroline is hilarious, and is usually RIFE with puns. PlaylistAnnieEach episode features an hour of songs themed around an emoji. RecordsAntoniaFemme and feminist punk, post-punk, new-wave, and no-wave, from the 70’s to the present, including foundational, overlooked, and underrepresented bands. Third EyeBrennanA show about transcendence, spirituality, and jazz. BreakerDJ PalindromeBringing you deep cuts of post-punk, punk, new wave and indie! DJ Palindrome, aka Justin, is back from Oregon State Beaver Radio (KBVR) to rule the airwaves in Reno! is a series of subconscious programs that have become automatic. Autosuggestion is the exertion of the conscious mind to achieve desired outcomes. This program manifests themes through the aesthetics of 80's post-punk, coldwave and minimal synth, along with their contemporary counterparts. Each episode, however, is concerned with mood and idea over genre. SpacementBenA show exploring psychedelia, space rock, krautrock, and strange progressive entries SequenceChristine F.Dream Sequence is a sonic journey into the spaces between dream state and wakefulness. Each episode explores a cinematic theme or specific color of feeling through the medium of music. Cuts RadioScaughtLow budget sounds with top shelf tunes. FungiEvanEach episode of KAWAII fungi is different than the last, the theme changes each episode you can expect anything and everything in the wide world of music that’ll surely keep you tuned in•cacophonyDJ Mellow YellowYour bi-monthly journey into the musical unknown. AFDJ Jeremy CurlAn exploration of chill and funky electronic music ScoresDJ SomaAn hour of instrumental soundtracks and scores. Explore different themes and genres with DJ Soma. Golden ThroneKing Midas with a PermHeavy music hosted by the guitar player from Elephant Rifle. Punk, hardcore, classic rock, metal, psych and other assorted weird and heavy vibes. Russian Happy TimeAlinaThis show is about modern Russian music: everything from hard core to synth-pop. Only the best and sometimes even forbidden music from the heart of Russia ObsidianDJ OrlokA monthly spooktacular voyage through new wave, goth, and synthwave hosted by the most terrifying creature on the airwaves, DJ Orlok. current techno worldwide and video game music SoundsDJ Atey AteColloquial Sounds seeks to transcend time, space, genre, preconception and any other formal barrier that divides music from itself and from the listener. With an emphasis on humor, slang, and the world wide underground. Elsewhered6Space bleeps, bloops and underground anything and everything TrainJYCAn hour of KPOP SeshDADSWAXThis show consists of jazzy and soulful hip hop beats. From time to time, some throwbacks to different regions and eras of hip hop! UndergroundJackThe Underground is all about introducing listeners to new and upcoming music and giving the spotlight to artists that are still unknown or not talked about enough. Each week has a new theme or subject to explore and new artists to discover. You can find his shows on his SoundCloud page here. WITCHING HOURShreddie Van HalenPlaying the loudest heaviest and grossest heavy tunes to HitKinakoagepanLive play of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition TransmissionsDJ CrymetymeInspired by the textures and currents of the city’s late-night streets – the intermingling of grittiness beneath a neon glow, of high heels and laughter with broken glass and drugged hazes, and of the characters who make the urban nighttime kaleidoscope their home. Nocturnal Transmissions is wanderlust for this ethereal world, and an attempt to capture and broadcast that symphony into a weekly diverse and fringe-dwelling upbeat soundtrack. Find out more here. JunctionJim DavidsonA show featuring bluegrass, folk, country and other roots musical forms, including interviews and other music news 7th Street Station RadioTim WainerFormerly Bangers and Cover Me. The 7th Street Station Radio is the fast, fun and furious of rock and soul. in the MixShaughn & CesarHip Hop for everyone. of WonderDJ SophiaEclectic music from all around the world, the nation and beyond. Indie pop rock meets foreign hits. Dr DankensteinWizard-Curated all wax Power Hour every Monday afternoon Moody DudeERLTake away the belief that different genres of music aren’t made to be mixed together and you have The Moody Dude. An eclectic blend of Electronic, Country, Alternative, POP, Rock, Hip Hop, and Blues all brought together in a blend of jams to fade into. Weekly on Reno's KWNK 97.7 FM hosted by DJ ERL. 2KeyzHip hop, soul, jazz, electronic, good vibes and jammy jams.

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