Podcasts / Segments

The People's Mic: In Conversation with Dr. Lydia HuertaThe People's Mic: In Conversation with Dr. Lydia HuertaOn this episode of The People's Mic, we sit down with Dr. Lydia Huerta from UNR's Gender, Race, and Identity program to talk about how to take productive action in these polarizing times.https://kwnkradio.org/the-peoples-mic-in-conversation-with-dr-lydia-huerta/
Sundance Poetry SeriesSundance Poetry SeriesFor the past twenty years, Sundance Books and Music, Reno’s oldest independent bookstore, has celebrated National Poetry Month with readings by poets from this region and beyond. This April the event was cancelled due to the virus and so, it seemed only fitting to move the readings to KWNK 97.7FM. https://kwnkradio.org/sundance-poetry-series/
Loud As Folk RadioLoud As Folk RadioA monthly songwriter showcase hosted by Spike McGuire. The program has an ever-changing format including live recordings from LAF showcases, interviews, in-studio guests, deep cuts, and all the latest release from LAF regulars. https://kwnkradio.org/loud-as-folk-radio/
Dadswax presents Sound of StyleDadswax presents Sound of StyleA segment from Dadswax about how local producers found and create their sound and style.https://kwnkradio.org/dadswax-presents-sound-of-style/
The Labor Edge PodcastThe Labor Edge PodcastThe Labor Edge is a podcast from the Northern Nevada Central Labor Council about news from Nevada’s growing labor movement. https://kwnkradio.org/the-labor-edge-podcast/
Democracy Now!Democracy Now!A daily, global, independent news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now! presents daily headlines followed by in-depth discussions from a rich diversity of people and perspectives rarely heard from in mainstream media. https://kwnkradio.org/democracy-now/
SOFT POWER RADIOSOFT POWER RADIOOn this special Girls Rock Reno edition of Soft Power Radio, we are in conversation with Jenn Archerd of Slow Wow, who is the GRR bass instructor. We talk about Jenn’s experiences growing up and playing music as a woman in Reno, how the music community has evolved over the years, and what GRR means to her. https://kwnkradio.org/soft-power-radio-girls-rock-reno-open-house/
Heart of Sound: Acutonics and Sound HealingHeart of Sound: Acutonics and Sound HealingTogether the Heart Of Sound weaves frequencies of the didgeridoo, crystal quartz singing bowls, rattles, drums, and many more surprise instruments to create an audio soundscape.https://kwnkradio.org/heart-of-sound-acutonics-and-sound-healing/
A Writer's World with Shaun GriffinA Writer's World with Shaun GriffinShaun Griffin is a poet and writer who brings some part of that world to you every other week on KWNK with a new audio segment.https://kwnkradio.org/shaun-griffin/
The Glass Die's Featured GameThe Glass Die's Featured GameAn audio series highlighting board games from local board game parlor The Glass Die. https://kwnkradio.org/the-glass-dies-featured-game/
LIVE Jazz Jam Sessions from Laughing PlanetLIVE Jazz Jam Sessions from Laughing PlanetListen in to 97.7FM for the LIVE Jazz Jam from Laughing Planet UNR! Every other Wednesday of the month we’ll be broadcasting the Jazz Jam Session with students from the University of Nevada’s Jazz and Improvisational Music Program.https://kwnkradio.org/live-jazz-jam-sessions-from-laughing-planet/