A radio jingle is a short musical station identification soundbite. KWNK 97.7FM needs some! As a community radio station, we want these jingles to come from the community. That’s YOU!

Here’s what to include in your jingle:

1. An introduction of yourself or your band.

2. A sung or spoken variation of the phrase “You’re listening to KWNK 97.7FM in Reno, Nevada.” (You can tweak the language to fit your jingle’s sound or melody.)

3. Keep it between 10 and 30 seconds.

4. (Optional) Include some kind of a tagline. You can make one up. Just have fun with it! Get weird! Or rephrase some classic KWNK descriptions like “Reno’s premier community radio station”, “Listener powered, volunteer run, member supported radio”, or “Freeform radio for YOU, by YOU” Just make it your own. The more unique, the better!

Send your finished jingle to and stay tuned to hear it on 97.7FM!