To strengthen our radio hosting skills, I’ve put together a short segment of ways to improve our shows and make them more engaging for the listeners. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to talk about on the air, so this episode will go over some topics to rely on if you ever run out of things to say.

Listen HERE

Things to talk about on air include history/origins of the bands, when the songs were released, what’s the song about/for, your relationship with the song,  what KWNK is about and how listeners can find us online, talk about other shows on KWNK and when they air, or shout out our supporting KWNK members (Member list is HERE).

We are constantly working to grow KWNK and our skills as hosts, so this new segment will help keep us thinking about ways to constantly move forward. Plus it will help better familiarize ourselves with other KWNK DJs and programming.