An interview with Summer Orr about her multimedia installation ‘Graveyard’, currently up in the Holland Project Serva Pool Gallery. Listen in on two high desert locals talking about death & decay, dread, sacred landscapes, bugs, fear, and mushrooms.

In this multimedia body of work from local artist Summer Orr, viewers will have the ability to quite literally cast light upon ceramic sculptures, found objects, and visual elements in a personal, simulated night-time desert environment, where shadows ominously flicker and warp one’s perception of reality. Both contemporary sculpture and installation-based work are mediums that have the potential to form an intimate connection between the artist’s experience and that of the viewer. This is Orr’s first venture into large, site-specific work with an aim to spark dialogue about the current environmental and social issues at hand. In this case, Graveyard seeks to open up a platform to examine humanity’s grave effect on nature and the earth — our mutual eternal resting place.

Graveyard is on view in the Serva Pool Gallery at the Holland Project from Jan. 22nd – Feb. 14th. Come out to the reception with the artist on Friday, January 24th.