What is the frequency?

KWNK-LP broadcasts on 97.7FM in Reno, Nevada. (The “LP” stands for “low power.”)

How old is KWNK? and when do you broadcast?

We launched on October 31st of 2017 with the help of Open Sky Radio. We broadcast 24hrs with over 80 volunteers from our community in Reno, Nevada.

I really liked a show I heard on the air. Can I listen to it again?

KWNK has an archive of all previous radio shows on this website and shows are uploaded within 2 weeks of the shows original broadcast time. The archive is made possible by our members and you to can support Reno Community Radio by becoming a KWNK Member.

Can you play my band's music?

We accept music submissions that are radio clean not containing profanity, obscene or indecent language. We prefer music to be sent as an MP3 via the form HERE

Or send music in physical formats to:

KWNK Community Radio
1717 S Wells Ave
Reno, Nevada 89502

How can I get my own radio show?

KWNK won’t be accepting show applications until the fall, but we have many other available opportunities to get involved. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, visit the get involved page.

Are there commercials?

No! KWNK is a nonprofit radio station and we do not air commercials. We do get support from local businesses in the form of underwriting. In return for businesses sponsoring the station the FCC allows us to broadcast on-air acknowledgments. For example:

“KWNK is made possible in part by the Reno Bike Project, a non-profit community bike shop and resource for the Truckee Meadows committed to creating a cycling-friendly community through workshops, bike rentals, and mechanical expertise.
Now located at 216 E Grove Street. Find out more at renobikeproject.org.”

If you are interested in having your business underwrite on KWNK check out our business support page.

How can I get my event announced on-air?

There are three options to have your event including in on-air KWNK programming:

1. BECOME AN UNDERWRITER ~ If you’d like to become an underwriter and have your events announced on-air, please contact tom@kwnkradio.org. Underwriting is a big deal for community radio – you support the important work KWNK does while bringing attention and awareness to your event, organization or business. Special non-profit rates are available, too!

2. REQUEST AN ON-AIR INTERVIEW ~ If you have an event coming up and you’d like to join us on-air for an interview you can email, kwnk@kwnkradio.org and include:

– Sponsoring agency or organization
– Date, Place, Time
– Where listeners can get more information (website, email or telephone)

3. SUBMIT TO ‘THIS WEEK ~ We produce a weekly events on-air calendar called ‘This Week’ in partnership with the Reno News and Review. You can submit to the Reno News and Review event calendar for free and producers will choose highlighted events each week to share on-air. If you’re a non-profit or hosting a service-based community event, you can also submit for a PSA to run on-air HERE. Please include the sponsoring agency or organization, Date, Place, Time, where listeners can get more information (website, email or telephone).

Where is the studio located?

We are located at 136 Vesta Street in Reno, Nevada. Next door to The Holland Project.