Staxofwax with DJ Dr. Dankenstein

Been reading too much news, had a few thoughts to share I suppose…

My good friend and #1 Weird Al fan DJ LizzMarkie joins me today for an hour of nonstop laughs in the form of AN ENTIRE HOUR OF WEIRD AL! You’re welcome

No direction indeed. Here’s my musical reaction to the chaos in which we live.

Brain-Twizzling Psychadelic Jammers from numerous genres, eras and countries. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

It’s my 50th show, and Halloween, and KWNK’s 1st Birthday! So much to celebrate I recruited old favorite cohosts DJ Paco and DJ DevDawg to come hang out and party. We came up with a pretty great mix if I do say so myself

New tunes from the Melvins, Kinski and more. Some heavy weird vibes to smooth the soul….

Been a little while since I put out a laid back show for y’all, so here one is. Take a deep breath, relax and let this one groove ya.

Things feel pretty precarious, time to pay some respect to some ladies that rock

Rad Seattle post/something band Post/Boredom stopped by before heading home to chitchat. I’ve known these friends for years and it was awfully nice get a chance to catch up. Also, we love Rusty.

I finally took a break and came back refreshed, armed with a few new platters, and ready to slay. This one gets off to a moody start but picks up throughout, covering at least 4 continents

I brought in a pretty short stack for this one, found a lot of gems in there though! 90’s rock rules!

Fuzzy guitars sounding smooth as (smooth) peanut butter, hypnotic psych grooves, this is one easy pill to swallow. It’s the elevator music in my version of heaven.

The gnarliest, grindy-est, yelling-est set I’ve cranked out in a while. It’s what’s good for me today. It’s what’s good for you today too.

I’ve been searching for a particular feeling all week and this playlist gets pretty close to it. “Emo” tunes ranging from Funkadelic to Yob, without a Jawbreaker or Getup Kids song in sight.

I got fired up with some Sabbath, then followed a loose sonic rabbit hole into magical realm of fun psyche rock tunes. Sizzling hot mid August jammers fresh off the grill served up nice and saucy…

Heavy to progressive, to heavy prog, and eventually to Bad Brains. This set weighs a ton, complete with obligatory bad geology puns!

DJ Paco returns! This time we set out to capture the feeling of high summer heat delirium and sun scrambled brains… put on some sunscreen, grab an icy beverage and kick back with us by the pool/river/lake/bathtub/boxfan/whatever you got

In this latest edition of “what’s been running around with me in my backpack all weekend,” I play a selection of cool tunes from precisely there. Pretty chill vibes throughout this one, eventually working our way into Peel sessions from Bowie, Blonde Redhead and Gang of Four.

In this episode, Dankenstein, DevDawg and the Velvet Smoke make a pretty sick Melvins only mix, and get themselves hyped for an upcoming live performance. A true feast for your earholes!

Blood in the water… in space! Soundtrack to your cosmic surf trip with some shark facts thrown in!

I’m a sleepy guy with a fuzzy brain today, so I’m playing fuzzy tunes (a la Mudhoney, Milk Music, etc.) for the duration…

Hecka groovy summertime jammers. Also I implore you all to swim

Dusty lonesome roads and sun scorched bones. Desert cowboy rock for daze… (or nearly an hour)

Prepare to bang the head that doesn’t bang! This whiplash-inducing smorgasbord of riffs features heavy classics and heavy secrets and just might leave you a little dizzy. Lube up yer vertebrae…

Mostly mellow, laid back set with a solid groove. I couldn’t resist turning up the energy for a brief moment in the middle though… consider it a class 1 rapids wherein you have to pay a little extra attention to not losing your flip flops.

I really just wanted to play this AFrames track, the rest of the show made itself.

I finally get down to it and play the most ambitious recording by my buds Lesbian from Seattle. Get ready for 50+ minutes of beauty and terror and wonder and behold! Forestelevision. I have conveniently and seamlessly blended sides a,b,c and d to provide you with a truly unique and special listening experience.

An upbeat and merry musical journey from the Meat Puppets to Yes, with stops along the way at Fugazi and the Butthole Surfers!

Clint, Brad and the Michaels (who make up 4 fourths of the band Elephant Rifle) join me in the studio to discuss and listen to (most of) their new album.

Rippers and bangers and stone jams abound in this episode, maybe even a rager or two…

Rockin’ hard to the postyest punks I could think to play. Highlights include Wire, Gang of Four, Mission of Burma… Real tasty business.

Classic bangers, new and old! Helms Alee makes a brief cameo, then we rip through some Maiden, Priest, Metallica, etc.

Digable, Tribe, D’Angelo… How smooooove do you wanna feel?

Stone. Cold. Jams.

A whole show of my buds being their wonderful and talented selves. I couldn’t be more proud of ’em.

Djs Dr Dankenstein and King Midas With A Perm go all fanboy and explore bits and peices of the John Reis/Rick Froberg puzzle before delving into a live review of Jericho Sirens, the new album from HOT SNAKES!!!! (done with the express permission of SubPop Records)

Fresh off of an epic week spent in Death Valley National Park, I share the big guitars and driving beats that inspire feelings of every shade of tans and reds. Perfect soundtrack for driving through the desert of your choice.

Fun and funky tunes to kick your Monday’s a$$ into high gear. (Don’t let the title throw you though, no Primus in sight)

These bands all have a special swagger and snarl that really turns my crank… crank this show up to 11!

In observation of Presidents Day I get into some heavy tunes that make me feel a little better about life. Some people use their power for good and we’ve got a wealth of great music to prove it!